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What our customers say

Loved the hair fiber

Loved the hair fiber. I have been suffering from hair loss and this hair fiber works so well on the areas I have scanty hair. Been using this product so much since I got it. Absolutely in love with this. Would recommend to everyone.


Good Quality

The product is really very good. Quality is nice. Is non sticky and gives a very clean and chic effect on hair. Itโ€™s durable and lasts for good 8-10 hours. Also is very convenient and easy to use.
Should definitely try this

Shagun Jha

Just perfect

High quality hair fibre. Sticks we'll throughout the day and covers my thin areas. Looks natural enough, no one has noticed and I receive compliments on whacky hairstyles which I can now pull off despite having thin hair. I'd suggest don't go ultra cheap, this is a nice middle option


Game Changer

This product has been a game-changer for me. It blends seamlessly with my hair and instantly covers up my thinning areas and makes my hair look fuller. The fibers don't weigh down my hair, hence I dont feel any heaviness after applying it. Plus, it's sweat-proof and lasts all day. I can never go back to not using these hair fibers.


I Love it!

This product is great so far! Iโ€™ve only used it for 3 days, but it makes hair appear thicker and says it has long term growth effects. It also dries quickly and leaves no oily or odd residue. Itโ€™s like it was never there. I love it!

Niharika Mishra

Very sturdy and high quality

I use this once over my scalp, specifically the areas I have thinning, and I can genuinely say Iโ€™m seeing early signs of new growth. I definitely need to give it a few more months to see, but I think itโ€™s making a true difference! The roller it self is very sturdy and high quality.

Suniti Palan


This derma roller is a game-changer. It's safe, easy to use, and delivers visible results. Suitable for both men and women. Highly recommended for improving skin and promoting beard growth.

Niraj Pandit

Highly recommend everyone to try.

I've tried a lot of hair fibers over the years, but this one is hands down one of the best. It stays in place all day, and doesn't look fake or clumpy like some other brands. I love the natural finish it gives to my hair, and it's super easy to apply.

Manshul Bansal

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